Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is it May...already?

Welcome to May. Blogging is the new way to journal and I am equally good at both. Which is not very good. Here we are in the middle of May and school will be over in 12 days. And summer is almost upon us. It's all going too fast.

This summer will be filled with Sarah working and doing drill. She will be a senior next school year! Okay, that was way too fast. I am so not ready for that. Katie will soon be 14 and is babysitting and looking for odd jobs to save for her own piece of modern technology, again way too fast. And Aimee, my little girl...She is my little breath of spring. She keeps me young, and maintains my grasp on youth. She will be 9 soon. That means that double digits aren't far away. Way too fast will come way too fast. I hope that this last month of spring will slow just a bit. That the blooming of my roses will be a leisurely process. That  the glow of spring will wind around the yard and house and my mind won't be dizzy with the speed of the passing of the days. Savor is the word. Linger is the word. Revel is the word.

And now it's time to speed around the house getting things accomplished!

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